Final Expense
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Senior market consumers and family decision-makers are looking to connect with agents like you.

Precise's senior market experience can place you in front of seniors and family decision-makers looking to cover end-of-life expenses.

Final Expense and Burial Insurance leads typically have a high closing rate because the barrier to attaining a policy is relatively low. Affordable prices and easy to understand coverage options make burial insurance a smart buy for many individuals. Precise can put you in touch with people who are actively seeking these policies.

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Final Expense Insurance
Male, 39 yo, Finland, MN 55603, Lake County
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Final Expense Insurance
Male, 36 yo, Los Angeles, CA 90096, Los Angeles County
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Final Expense Insurance
Male, 19 yo, Nashville, TN 37201, Davidson County
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Final Expense Insurance
Male, 21 yo, Monroe, LA 71201, Ouachita County
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Final Expense Insurance
Male, 34 yo, Elkhart, IN 46516, Elkhart County
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