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April 18th, 2012
Insurers are starting to post more job openings.

While insurance leads help agents in their prospecting efforts, they're of little use for those who are unemployed. But according to a recent survey, insurance agents' job prospects may be improving, Insurance Journal reports.

For instance, insurance recruiting firm The Jacobson Group recently surveyed 112 insurers from around the country. Of these, more than half said they would be expanding their payrolls sometime this year. That's up from 44 percent when a similar poll was performed in March of last year.

Diane Mattis, associate vice president of professional development at the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, noted she's already seen evidence of more insurers hiring, as job listings have increased in number at her group's website, Insurance Journal indicates.

Meanwhile, household name insurers are posting more announcements that they're hiring as well. For instance, at Liberty Mutual, 500 job openings have materialized since mid-March and at Travelers, 360 job opportunities have surfaced.

Despite more insurers increasing the size of their employee base, insurance expert Todd Mitchell says the demand is far greater than the supply. As a result, job hunters shouldn't despair if they apply and aren't hired. Instead, they should redouble their efforts in finding a position.

"My advice to job-seekers is that if you are unemployed, you need to make finding a job your full-time job," Mitchell told Insurance Journal.

While insurers' websites are ideal avenues to find a job, Shawn Tubman, manager of corporate employment at Liberty Mutual said providers are also resorting to social media to post job openings.

"Social media has given candidates a good avenue to connect directly with the company," Tubman relayed to the insurance news website. "That’s really different from years past."

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